Okta SSO

Enable IdP SAML SSO through Okta

This guide describes how to set up the Regal Voice Okta app in order to enable SAML SSO.

Supported Features

  • IdP-initiated SSO: Allow your organization's user to login to Regal Voice through their Okta dashboard.


You'll need a brand slug to complete SSO setup. Email [email protected] to receive this.


Install Regal Voice App in Okta

The first step to enabling SAML SSO and SCIM is installing the Regal Voice app through the Okta Integration Network.

Step 1: Log in to your Okta organization.

Step 2: In the admin dashboard, navigate to Applications > Applications, click Browse App Catalog, and search for Regal Voice.

Step 3: Click Add to add the Regal Voice app to your Okta organization.

Configure SAML SSO for Regal Voice

Step 4: Navigate to Sign On and click Edit.

Regal Voice ApplicationRegal Voice Application

Regal Voice Application

Step 5: Enter the Brand Slug provided by Regal Voice.

Step 6: Set Application username format to Email.

Step 7: Click Save.

Configuring SSO SettingsConfiguring SSO Settings

Configuring SSO Settings

Step 8: Click View Setup Instructions.

Viewing Setup InstructionsViewing Setup Instructions

Viewing Setup Instructions

Step 9: Regal Voice requires some of the information on this page to complete the SAML setup. Please send the following values to your Customer Success Manager or [email protected]:

  • IDP Issuer/Entity ID
  • Login URL/SignOn URL
  • x.509 Certificate (PEM Text Format)

Regal Voice will confirm when the setup has been completed after receiving these values.

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