Sync contact and event data between Saleforce & Regal Voice

This guide describes how to sync your Salesforce and Regal Voice contact, and how to bring Regal Voice events into your Salesforce contact profile's as a custom Regal Voice event.

In order to create a contact in your Regal Voice account, you need to create a Lead, Contact or Person Account in Salesforce. The Regal Voice integration does not currently work with custom objects. If you have a use case for custom objects, please email [email protected]

Install the Regal Voice Salesforce app & Assign permissions

Step 1: Email [email protected] to get a link to the Regal Voice Salesforce app.

Step 2: Click the link to install the app.

Step 3: Assign RegalVoice Permission set to users who will use the app. There are two permission sets available:

  • For Admins: Users assigned to this permission set can create and edit configuration objects such as Regal Voice Configuration, Attribute mapping and Object field mapping config. They also have access to creating, viewing and editing for all other objects (Contact, Lead, Account, etc.)
  • For Managers: Users with this permission set can see config objects, but not create or edit them. Other objects are available for creation, viewing and editing

To add the desired permission set to the user, you need to go to Setup > Permission Sets > Manage Assignments. Click "Add Assignments" and select users which will use the package features.

Assign PermissionsAssign Permissions

Assign Permissions

Configure objects

Regal Voice Configuration

This object stores data for user authorization and for more precise synchronization of objects from Salesforce to RegalVoice

Object fields:

  • API Key - key for authorization on the side of RegalVoice
  • All profiles are subscribed - depending on this field, objects that are created in RegalVoice will be created with TRUE or FALSE parameters for subscribing to voice and sms channels
  • Create new contact if no matches found
  • Update Contact fields from Regal Voice
Regal Voice ConfigurationRegal Voice Configuration

Regal Voice Configuration

Object Field Mapping Configuration

Using this object, you can specify which objects from Salesforce will be synced with RegalVoice.

Object fields:

  • Is Active - whether synchronization is active or inactive for this object type
  • Object type
  • Regal Voice Configuration
Object MappingObject Mapping

Object Mapping

Attribute Mapping

This object stores the name of the object fields in Salesforce and the name of the object fields from the RegalVoice side for correct mapping and creating objects.

Only these fields in the Salesforce objects will be passed when creating a contact on the RegalVoice side.
Only when these fields are updated, the contact will be updated on the RegalVoice side

Objects fields:

  • Regal Voice attribute name
  • Salesforce field API name
  • Object field mapping config
  • Regal Voice Configuration
Attribute MappingAttribute Mapping

Attribute Mapping

Creating a contact in Regal Voice

In order to create a contact in your Regal Voice account, you need to create a Lead, Contact or Person Account in Salesforce, fill in the required fields and save. After that, a contact will be created in the Regal Voice account. During synchronization, only those fields of the object that were added to “Attribute mapping” and for which the “Object field mapping config” object was created will be transferred.

The field “External ID” will be filled by default with the phone number for the Lead, Contact or Person Account.

Contact in Regal Voice AudienceContact in Regal Voice Audience

Contact in Regal Voice Audience

If a Lead is converted into a Contact or a Person Account, then the contact in the Regal Voice app is updated and the Salesforce ID will be written in the “External ID” field

Contact in Regal Voice Audience with External IDContact in Regal Voice Audience with External ID

Contact in Regal Voice Audience with External ID

Regal Voice events on Salesforce contact profile

As part of the integration, Regal Voice publishes sms and call events back to Salesforce so that they appear as cards on a contact's profile.

Events include:

  • Call completed
  • Call recording link available
  • SMS conversation completed
  • SMS message sent
  • SMS message received

Example card below for a Call completed event:

Testing your integration

Once you've completed the above steps, try:

  • Creating a new contact in your Salesforce account. After a couple of minutes, you should see that contact appear on the Audience tab in your Regal Voice account. Click on the contact to see that their contact properties came through correctly.
  • Updating a contact property of an existing contact. After a couple of minutes, check the contact in the Audience tab in your Regal Voice account.
  • From the agent desktop, initiate an outbound sms to one of those contacts. You don't need to actually text anything, just complete the Conversation Summary, and you should see that event appear on the contact in Regal Voice.

Backfilling already existing contacts

If you'd like to backfill existing Salesforce contacts into Regal Voice, download your contacts and properties from Salesforce and share the file in a secure way (for example, you can password protect the excel file then email it [email protected] and share the password over slack).

If you have any questions about how to install the Regal Voice Salesforce app or which contact properties are important to send to Regal Voice, reach out to [email protected]

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