Segment Source

This guide describes how to set up the Regal Voice Segment Source to receive real-time events from Regal Voice.

Enable the Regal Voice Source

Step 1: Go to your Segment account and search for Regal Voice in the Sources catalogue

Step 2: Select and add Source

Add SourceAdd Source

Add Source

Name and Label SourceName and Label Source

Name and Label Source

Step 3: Copy the Write Key from the Segment UI and email it to [email protected]

Write KeyWrite Key

Write Key


Wait for Regal Voice Confirmation

Once we have your write key, we will respond within a couple of hours and let you know that you're all set. You should then see data flowing through.

Step 4: Add any Destinations you want the Regal Voice data to flow to and enable the Source

Connect to a DestinationConnect to a Destination

Connect to a Destination

Events & Event Schema

See Regal Voice's Segment Source documentation for the list of events and properties Regal Voice publishes to Segment.

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